For Policy not Poses


About Renaut

A resident of Annapolis since 1975, Gilbert Renaut turned to democratic politics after being inspired by President Kennedy and the civil rights movement.
For thirty years, Renaut worked as a federal litigation lawyer where he won the Secretary of Labor’s Distinguished Achievement Award fighting for the rights of injured maritime workers.  He also won one of the largest judgments in history against Exxon, for $2.1 billion – a judgment which was so extraordinary in its time that Dan Rather emphasized, “that’s billion with a ‘B.’”
Renaut also became a seasoned mediator as the government often turned to mediation rather than jury trials to settle disputes.  This suited Renaut well, as one of his greatest talents is bringing people together to find common ground.  This practice is central to his philosophy of sound leadership, which is needed more than ever in Annapolis.
As the President of the Ward One Residents Association, he was asked to bring what the newspaper called Annapolis’ “most fractious group” together during a time of crisis.  In his three years there, he always managed to achieve unanimous votes.
Renaut brings leadership, outreach, transparency and sound policy making to the job of Mayor.  He will listen to the views of all parties; he will create an inclusive, transparent decision-making process; he will develop sound, well-articulated policies.  Gilbert Renaut will make Annapolis the best that it can be for all its residents and businesses, and a model of civic engagement and shared prosperity.

Unifying Leadership and Community


Personal and Professional

  • Marylander since 1952, Annapolitan since 1975
  • B.A., St. John’s College, Annapolis (1968)
  • Public high school mathematics teacher in Baltimore (1969-72)
  • J.D., University of Maryland (1975)
  • Federal litigation lawyer (1976-2005)
  • Certified court mediator (2007-present)
  • Three adult children, Jon, Liz, and Sam, two granddaughters, Adelina and Matilda

Community Service


  • Chairman, Murray Hill Centennial (1989-90)
  • President, Murray Hill Residents Association (1991-93)
  • President, Ward One Residents Association (1995-98)
  • President, Community Associations of Annapolis (2000-03)
  • President, Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association (2006-07)


  • Member, Mayor’s Commemorative Committee (1983-85)
  • Chairman, Annapolis Historic Preservation Commission (1987-88)
  • Member, Board of Supervisors of Elections (1992-93)
  • Member, Annapolis Comprehensive Plan Citizens Advisory Committee (1996-97)