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In Monday’s Capital, there was an article about endorsements that speaks for itself. Gilbert is emphatically not anti-union. He spent the first five years of his legal career in the Solicitor of Labor’s office, litigating to secure and protect the rights of injured maritime workers, most of whom were represented by the International Longshoremen’s Association, and he won a “Distinguished Achievement Award” from the Secretary of Labor for his efforts. However, his policy this time is the same as it was in 2005. The Mayor’s job is to respect and serve the citizens of Annapolis. Gilbert’s goal in running for Mayor is to take back the government from the professional politicians and special interests and restore it to the people. Accordingly, he will accept no donations or endorsements from developers, builders, lawyers for developers, or anyone else, including city unions, who might have dealings with the City that might give him even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The article:

An article in the Sunday Capital stresses how much developers’ contributions fill the campaign coffers of other candidates. Gilbert does not accept contributions from developers or any other business interests that might give him even the appearance of a conflict of interest as mayor.

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The video that was done by the mayor’s public affairs office is now available “on demand” on the City’s web site at:

That will get you a menu where you need to click “elections,” and there you can scroll down to watch Gilbert’s interview (or anyone else’s).

Gilbert recorded an interview with Dr. Herma Percy for our locally owned WNAV, 1430 on your AM dial. It can be heard on WNAV’s website “on demand” at

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