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Profiled in the Baltimore Sun on August 2d, Light House volunteer

Annapolis mayoral race

Mediator hopes to use his skills in post

By Olivia Bobrowsky
August 2, 2009,0,4897183.story

This was a nice profile that was in the Baltimore Sun last Sunday.

I am prepared to give Annapolis the best mayor that it deserves and so badly needs to get past the egos and polarization that have poisoned politics at all levels for all too long.  I intend to use my listening and mediation training and skills to bring all our citizens together in common cause to preserve and improve what’s special about our City.

Renaut stirring a pot of barbecue

Renaut stirring a pot of barbecue

Last week I joined a group of volunteers from the Annapolis Jaycees to cook and feed dinner to the residents of the Light House Shelter on West Street.  As usual with volunteer work, I listened and learned a lot from it and feel it enriched my life.  According to the shelter’s web site:

For over two decades we have been steadfast in our mission of rebuilding lives with service and compassion by providing shelter, preventing homelessness and empowering people in Anne Arundel County as they work to become self-sufficient.

Those of us who are securely housed tend to think of homeless people as “other.”  Meeting a houseful of them, I found them very much the same as the rest of us.  Did you know that

  • The AVERAGE age of a homeless person is just 9 YEARS OLD.
  • Nearly HALF of all homeless men are MILITARY VETERANS.
  • HALF of all homeless women are escaping DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.
  • MANY homeless adults are EMPLOYED.
  • For MOST, being homeless is just a TEMPORARY situation.

One of the other volunteers suggested I post something on my website and was kind  enough to take a picture with her cell phone.

If you are interested in volunteer work there, please email Holly Mallonee or phone her at  410-349-5056 ext 14.

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