For Policy not Poses


As you have probably noticed, the blog “Annapolis Capital Punishment” has been rating the City political campaigns and has been down-rating my candidacy and my website for relative inactivity. Well, I can assure you that I am still in the race, still going strong, and still prepared to give Annapolis the mayor that it deserves and so badly needs to get past the egos and polarization that have poisoned politics at all levels for all too long. I intend to use my listening and mediation training and skills to bring all our citizens together in common cause to preserve and improve what’s special about our City.

In the interest of my promised transparency — a strong theme of mine, and one that I will continue to follow when elected Mayor of Annapolis – I wish to share some information which may explain some of my relative inactivity to date. I was subjected to a minor medical scare, during which I had to face the question whether my health was consistent with running a campaign and holding a full-time office. On March 25th, I underwent surgery for a large cyst on my thyroid. After removal of my thyroid and treatment to ensure no traces of cancer, I received a full body scan and a completely clean bill of health from my endocrinologist, Dr. Friend.  While the past few months were spent juggling with recovery and the right balance of thyroid medication, my supporters and I have remained at work in pushing the issues which have been so important to me and the City of Annapolis.

With a clean bill of health, a love of Annapolis, and renewed energy to make this town the best that it can be for all its residents and businesses, I am anxious to get out on the street and talk to all of the Annapolitans who care to join in. So look for me out and about the town of Annapolis and your communities and tell me what’s on your mind.

I promise that Mayor of Annapolis is not a punch on my résumé or a stepping stone to some other office. Instead, with your help I will change the way business is done in Annapolis and just do what’s right. No more spending and taxing initiatives hidden in budgets, no more fake claims to have held the line on property taxes, no more imprudent one-sided contracts on the market house or anything else, and no more non-bid contracts to political supporters and “wheels in motion” (see and

In fact, join me! Become a volunteer and walk your precinct with me to help show people what a difference we can make together. Please call (410-269-1768) or e-mail ( to join the team.

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